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THE EXIT | Rock Hill Wedding

Exit Ideas | Rock Hill Wedding

Cool New Exit Ideas

We Love Creative Wedding Exits!

Lately we have had the pleasure of photographing weddings with some non traditional exits.

Glow sticks, sprinkles, glitter, silly string, and we just booked a wedding that is planning a to shoot foam dart guns as they exit.

I can't help but think of how cool this would look backlit with a fog can only hope.

AND, you must consider some things like impact on the environment & OUCH!.....does it hurt?

Go ahead and expect that some of anything that your guests throw is going to hit you in the face.....kinda hard {the kids pitty no one}


Of Course, the obvious warning must be accompany this post...Rice is not good. It can harm some small wildlife.


It can be tough finding favors that aren't at every other wedding. Here's Help!...

Find Unique Wedding Favors

If you are planning a send off exit from your wedding and shopping for unique ideas we can help.

From sparklers to lanterns we have used two reliable vendors in the past few years.

Feel free to click on the links for some cool savings & the seasons hottest in décor!

Ice Cream | Desserts? I DO!


You Scream I Scream We all Scream for ICE CREAM

So seriously, who doesn't like ice cream?

One cool trend we have enjoyed lately is ice cream sundae catering. Several companies in our area provide this service and in the Slightly Warm Carolina summer daze...what a refreshing way to help your wedding guests CHILL OUT!

Especially neat for family & children friendly wedding plans.

With today's cooler technology there is no need to worry about melting. We had ice cream at an outdoor ceremony last week, we were last in line and the ice cream could still stop you in your tracks with an epic brain freeze!

But sprinkles make everything better....yum...I'm hungry now.

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Lowrys Christmas Parade

"An Engaging Tradition"

Always a Classic…..Authentic Décor & Gifts

Wedding Gifts & Decor

Few things create memories like gifts or décor that actually connects your wedding party to their surroundings. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beauty & bounty.

Our state's agricultural history make rustic...EZ! Wonders have been done with Burlap & Flowers! These options can be done by hand or or purchased for huge discounts compared to traditional décor.

From BBQ to boiled peanuts the culinary treats are numerous. South Carolina's cotton industry also creates many ways to show that beautiful Palmetto Moon.

We always hear complaints about picking the perfect Groomsmen gifts.  Throw some pecans, boiled peanuts, BBQ, Muscadine wine, and a few T-shirts or hats with Palmetto Moon in a can't go wrong!

Unique Wedding Favors

Shop Now to find great deals on affordable favors and decor, perfect for your bridal shower or wedding!

Voodoo Dolls??

Voodoo???......Not Exactly!!


While no one is certain of the origins of this tradition, I remember it from when I was a child in the low country of South Carolina.

We lived inland on the fertile coastal plains along with a healthy population of what can only be described as "traditional" people. Far from the typical portrayal of these communities, they were often a gumbo of various cultures simmered together over generations.

The practice of giving wish or blessing dolls no doubt has roots in several cultures. The Slaves brought their traditions from Africa, the Acadia had similar traditions they no doubt deposited as they skipped the coast before eventually landing in Louisiana. We also know of a german custom of blessing dolls made from natural local materials given as adorned with $ or personal notes of well wishes.

Some areas also give small burlap "sacs" of corn, but updated with more modern cash pinned to the bag.

Anyway you do it, a neat idea, and many generations have done it before you!


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PhotoBooth Out?

Is the little box automatic photo booth with props old news?

Here's a trend we have noticed...

...our wedding photographers are clueing us in on an up & coming trend. photographer Karen Organski, whose job as a designer nominates her for prop buying duty, has not been needing to buy nearly as many props for the photo booth rentals at's wedding business.

Clients are instead opting for a more personal experience by using an actual portrait photographer at a station to help your "vogue", or traditional portraits, or whatever, a professional portrait photographer available for your guests is always a huge hit.

One way delivers photos to wedding guests is via online galleries. The galleries may be modified to host images from the portrait stations that may be downloaded or prints purchased all in one spot!

Another unique way to to utilize this trend is to take advantage of your venue & its location. Have a portrait station at the edge of a grand vista!

Rock Hill, SC Wedding

Authentic Carolina Gear for Gifts!

Get that Hook

Wedding Food Trucks?

Something for everyone!

Wedding source

Are food trucks that hook to make your wedding the talk of the town?

Certainly a thought....a few we have attended used different approaches.

Several food trucks as a sole means of providing food for your guests, or with one or 2 as supplements to your other food offerings.

Either way works pretty good & you can't argue with having the variety. Plus the right food trucks can be entertaining as well as a food vendor!

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