Always a Classic…..Authentic Décor & Gifts

Wedding Gifts & Decor

Few things create memories like gifts or décor that actually connects your wedding party to their surroundings. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by beauty & bounty.

Our state's agricultural history make rustic...EZ! Wonders have been done with Burlap & Flowers! These options can be done by hand or or purchased for huge discounts compared to traditional décor.

From BBQ to boiled peanuts the culinary treats are numerous. South Carolina's cotton industry also creates many ways to show that beautiful Palmetto Moon.

We always hear complaints about picking the perfect Groomsmen gifts.  Throw some pecans, boiled peanuts, BBQ, Muscadine wine, and a few T-shirts or hats with Palmetto Moon in a can't go wrong!

Unique Wedding Favors

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